Unique Father’s Day gifts

If you know where your father was born, why not buy him a print showing what his home town (or village) looked like between 50 and 120 years ago.

These prints are available in three different sizes and can be framed while you wait.

We have a massive inventory of over 10,500 different prints for you to browse through.

We also have scenes from schools and universities – all of which would make an ideal gift for Father’ Day.

Other Irish themes include :-

  • Irish Aviation and airports
  • Irish Castles & Antiquities
  • Irish Market Days
  • Irish Politics (great 1916 Rising pics)
  • Irish Railways & Trams
  • Irish Shipping (incl. Titanic, Lusitania and many of the old ferries)
  • Irish Sport (large stock of team photo’s of Gaelic Football, Hurling, Rugby and Soccer)

The Irish Print Gallery is located in the entrance of Blackrock Marketand is open every weekend, from 11:30pm to 6:30pm.

At the moment, we are exhibiting a selection of “framed” local scenes from Blackrock, Booterstown, Dalkey, Dun Laoghaire (Kingstown), Killiney, Monkstown, Newtownsmith and Sandycove.



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