Irish Culture & Heritage

If you are interested in Irish culture and heritage, or designing the interior of an Irish Pub or Irish Sports Club, then this is the place you start looking for images.

CWC- Bantry, Dancing at the Crossroads

We stock a range of over 10,500 different images of Ireland dating from the 1890s to the 1950s. They are available in three different sizes and can be mounted + framed while you wait. It takes only 3-4 minutes per print to mount and frame.

Our “ready to buy” inventory is split into two sections :-

– Irish Counties & Cities (50 divisions)

– Irish Themes (30 topics)

The thematic section contains a diverse mix of Irish cultural, heritage, historical and sporting moments captured by largely anonymous photographers working for over 600 different publishers at the time. The 60 years covered includes the rise of nationalism, the Gaelic Revival Movement (and its many contemporaries), the 1916 Rising & War of Independence, the Civil War and the emergence of a new nation state. As such, it is a “must see” place to visit if you are ever in Dublin.





I am also an occasional “guest speaker” at local history societies around Ireland.

Highlights incl.

  • An Irishman in the Tin Mines of Oruru, Bolivia 1907-1911
    • The Bray Historical Society
  • South-West Co Dublin on Vintage Postcards
    • The Tallaght Historical Society
  • Wicklow on Vintage Postcards
    • The Blessington Historical Society
    • The Bray Historical Society
    • The Kilmacanogue Historical Society
  • The Knocklyon Murder of 1882
    • The Knocklyon History Society
    • The Tallaght Historical Society




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